Will never make clothes in delocalized factories, 
as we grew in a DIY culture we do our selfes as much as possible,
- we have our own tailoring workshop were we produce our clothes and make the screenprints - 
emphasizing the research for quality fabrics and materials the closest to us.

First premise is to really enjoy the creative and making processes.
- it doesn´t mean we aren´t serious and responsible about making a great values brand -
on the contrary, we develop honestly without pressure form fashion markets.

>> by not followig the classic retail rules, we drop a new batch when we have something relevant to launch.

We produce on demand**

           ** new clothes are manufactured in order to reach a concept, and samples will always be used by the skaters, or sold at the pop ups.

We will always keep it small and slow, and reduce fabric / material waste.

No gender relevance in our original developed patterns.

We rather search for offer functional durable garments than seasonal products.

We care:
 for the planet, for the water, for the plants and for the people. We mostly use dead stock and raw fabrics to reduce waste, and we thoroughly avoid the usage of plastic and cheap materials .